About me

Hello! I am Tiger Tang, Data Science Manager at CARFAX, building a team specialized in BI, NLP, and Forecasting. I am dedicated to bringing business value to data science folks using data science tools, and I am passionate about growing the Data Science community.

I am a user of python, a developer, and a trainer of R and Shiny. I use python for deep learning tasks, and I use R for everything else.

R is the third language(The first two are Chinese and English) I use fluently and it is great for folks who just started their data programming journey. The more you explore with it, the more possibility there is. (Check out my RStudio Conf talk on saving 1,000 hours with RStudio).

As a big fan of Shiny, I love building fun Shiny apps whenever I am free or have an idea. (Check the shiny spinner I recently built)

If you are interested in either growing in Data Science, R or Shiny, check out my posts. Happy to connect and assist your Data Science journey.