Shiny apps that every company could use


In this blog, we are taking a tour of several Shiny apps that can supercharge your data game. They’re like turbo boosts for your data management and analysis, making things speedier and more user-friendly. Note: the goal here is to showcase the possibilities and provide a minimal code example, therefore there wlil be minimal UI.

Database Access Shiny App: Unlocking Data at Your Fingertips

Accessing data from databases can be a cumbersome task, especially for non-technical users. The Database Access Shiny App simplifies this process. It provides an intuitive interface for querying databases and retrieving data without writing complex SQL queries.

Key Features

  • Minimal example of using Shiny to query databases.
  • Minimal example of using Shiny to query databases asynchronously(multiple users can submit a query at the same time without blocking the session).

Customization ideas

  • Build application for your group that allows users to directly interact with databases without sending a data request.
  • If there are multiple users that will be using it at the same time, implement promises as shown in the code example to unblock Shiny sessions.
  • Implement an emailing option on the shiny server available to you. (Note: the code example with blastula was meant to showcase the functionality on your laptop after setting up the credentials)

More details can be found at CodingTigerTang/shiny_query

Data Visualization App: Visualize Data with Ease

Data visualization is a good way to understand datasets and the need to utilze this has expanded beyond just technical users. With the Data Visualization Shiny App, technical users can create interactive charts very quickly with copiable code, while non-technical users can generate visualizations using drop-down functionality.

Key Features

  • Ability to upload your own file and create a ggplot with drop-down manual.
  • Ability to add logo and/or background.
  • Ability to add annotation at mouse click.
  • Code display for both technical and non-technical users.

Customization ideas

  • Create an internal application with your organization logo loaded that allows users to quickly generate a plot with a tabular data they have.
  • Create an internal application for new R adopters to learn and apply plotting R code.

More details can be found at CodingTigerTang/shiny_plots

Data Editing App: Clean, Organize, and Prepare Data Efficiently

Preparing data for analysis can be time-consuming. The Data Editing Shiny App offers a user-friendly interface for data cleaning, transformation, and validation.

Key Features

  • Data import/export and data merging capabilities.
  • Data type conversions for consistent data format.
  • Tools for data cleaning and transformation.

Customization ideas

  • Feedback submission for any shiny apps.
  • Shared information tool where the selection and format are predefined.

More details can be found at CodingTigerTang/shiny_edit.

Auto-Eval Shiny App: Accelerating Data Analysis

Data evaluation and exploratory analysis often involve repetitive tasks. The Auto-Eval Shiny App automates these processes, helping technical users streamline their workflows.

Key Features

  • Automation of common statistical analyses.
  • Generation of summary reports based on user-selected data.

Customization ideas

  • Incorporate your own analysis process in the app for streamlined data evaluation.

More details can be found at CodingTigerTang/shiny_eval (in progress)

Incorporating these Shiny apps into your data workflows can save time, reduce errors, and make data-related tasks more accessible to a wider audience.

Stay tuned for future blog posts, where I’ll explore additional Shiny apps that can further enhance your data management and analysis capabilities. With Shiny, the possibilities for improving your data workflows are virtually endless.