Saving 1,000 hours with RStudio

I’m excited to share that I will be speaking at rstudio::conf(2022) on July 27 about Saving 1,000 hours with RStudio: selling R in your workplace. Several years ago, I initiated a work automation project using R at CARFAX that aimed at saving 1,000 hours per year and has now saved over 12,000 hours. In this talk, I will share the key parts of the project, lessons learned, and a structure you can follow if you would like to do something similar in your organization.

Wheel of fortune in shiny

Having thought about creating a wheel of fortune type of shinyapp for some time and finally got enough motivation to give it a try. Below is what I got. You can put the choices on the wheel and give it a spin here and the code here Motivation A few weeks back, my wife’s cousin visited us, and we talked about different team-building activities. One idea jumped out to me that it prepared general ice-breaker questions for whoever got picked from a wheel of fortune app.

Guess a number like a Jedi

This may feel like wordle for numbers but this is the rebuild of a game I played 20 years ago on a black and white LCD screen that looks like the one below. Give it a try and see if you could get on the leaderboard here. Background In the early 2000s, my cousin showed me this game on his digital dictionary, which was a thing back then. I got hooked as a kid, and now I am trying to build a similar game with Shiny.

Which healthcare plan should I choose?

Background As someone new to the whole healthcare system, I often do not know which healthcare options to go with when it involves HSA/FSA, deductible, copay, company matches, etc. In the attempt to find the best choice for the healthcare plan, I spent a few hours creating a shiny app for everyone to modify for their own purposes. You can find the app here and the code here How I used this The app will ask you to put in the specific information for different plans you have, including deductible, out of pocket max, premiums each month, coinsurance and if you use HSA, and company’s match on HSA.

Animated NYC metro traffic

Wonder what one week of metro traffic would look like? Wanna see the heaviest/lightest traffic times for your NYC metro stops? Check out this app here. Background Inspired by the awesome visualizations about MTA Turnstile Data from Chris Whong’s visualization and I wondered if similar stuff can be done with Shiny. In the gif below, you can see an ‘animated’ leaflet map that shows whether or not a lot of people are entering a metro station in NYC at different times of the week from 02-23-2019 to 03-01-2019.